...than never.

Dont worry, I wont talk about the series. never seen btw. Those who know me always aked me why I never made a travel blog. Thats actually a good question with a simple answer- I´m a lazy person. And... I always had the opinion I don´t need to create a blog to share my experiences. Good, I still have the opinion I don`t really need it and its absolutely a lot of work (holy shit, even to choose the desing haha) but I actually started to be friends with the thought to tell stories and being an inspiration for those restless people which are still on their way.


I could tell every detail from all my trips, but -as already mentioned- I´m lazy. So I´ll gonna give you guys short summaries from the trips I already made. I dont want a typical travel blog where I tell you what you have to put in your backpacks, how the exchange rates are or how many days I spend in one place. I just wanna share memories.



The best plan is to have no plan. I`ve never made real plans, except from my trip to South Africa. That was the first one and I still have been a greenhorn. The most amazing and best things happen to you when you´re not making any plans.


So, I won`t longer beat about the bush.