...driving in the sun ,looking out for number one. CALIFORNIA HERE WE COME!

O.C. California. I love love love this song! Not just beacause I liked O.C. California a lot, it always reminds me of a really cool time in the US. In 2014- when I´ve been the third time in Panama, I was travelling with my best friend Janina. One night I prmoised a DJ from one of the clubs in Bocas I would go flyering the next day- three hours, 20 Dollars. Of course I was drunk and forgot my promise, he was textin me in the morning and so I started hangovered my Job. Durin that time Janina was just haning out in the hostel. She met a guy, his name is John, living in Cali- San Diego. Meeting that crazy guy was the first step to our trip in the states. After hanging out for a while we told him one of our travel goals would be a trip through California. He said if we ever wanna be in San Diego we could stay with him. At this Point: Thank you John, Cali was one of the best experiences we made!


We both still had no plan, just a bus ticket to Costa Rica and still aorund three month left. We checked flights, Spirit Airlines offered a cheap flight- actually I would prefer walking from Centralamerica to the States instead of taking one more flight with that airline. After the Costa Rica trip we arrived -more than 30 hours later- in San Diego.


It would take so much time to talk about every little Detail from our stay. California seemed to us like ist showed in movies! People were so relaxed and friendly. Btw that was our first time in the US. We expected nothing but what we got was just an amazing trip. I still can remember the day we arrived. Waiting on the Airport- John wanted to pick us up. We lokked like Hippies and didnt shower for the last two days. John came, shoed us his house- our home for the next weeks- and brought us in a Target market. In Bocas we had a few Shops, they all had the same stuff and we didnt have that big choices. Target then was crazy and we were absolutely overstrained after weeks living on a small Island. That was our first USexperience. We didnt buy anything btw.


In a nutshell the Cali time felt like a movie. We started living there. Not beeing Tourist on Holiday, living. When John went to work we checkd out the city. The beaches are a lot of fun, and even every little bar or taco shop was a nice eperience. Johns friends and family have been such a great help to us, showed us Insider places and shared theiy best Mexican Food and tacos with us!


You see, I could tell so many stories about San Diego- but we didnt just stay in this place. San Diego is my favourite City so far. We were both under 25 and so the car rental was not that easy. So...Greyhound Buses are a cheap and easyway to travel there. Form San Diego to San Francisco and back. Here are my fav´s and tips for Cali:


San Diego


-Try as many taco tuesdays as you can! Mexican food is really good in SD. One day John showed us a burrito place that seemed really weird. No tourits there and it looked really decrepited. Best seafood burritos in town! I think the name was Cotrimas. (John, you´ll probably know which place we mean...) ;) We also checked out a really good taco truck in the middle of nowhere. Locas things are often the better ones.


-Check out the beaches, Pacific Beach, Ocean Beach and Mission Beach. Our fav was Ocean Beach. Is pretty busy on all of this beaches, rollercoaster, surfhops, Restaurants and much more. We tried surfing on ocean beach!


- check out Old Town. Its a really touristic place but ist nice to see.


-spend time in Balboa Park! This park is amazing. And huge! Check out some museums ( Museum of man is fun, including beer Museum!)


- sunday funday in Hillcrest. Hillcrest is a small neighbourhood in San Diego. Introduced to us as the place where all the homosexual and transgenders partying. Mostly on sundays. We never got why cause sunday is such a quite day in Germany. Go to this place on a sunday, go for brunch there ( mostyl mexican buffets with all-you-can-drink Sangria) and check out some brewerys afterwards! Its a lot of fun and one of the funniest sunday we had during that trip.


- Its a bit outside from SD: do the hike to Potatoe Chip Rock. I actually dont know how to come from the city to the park. a friend-Andrew- gave us a ride and did the hike with us. Its really exhausting, around 7 hours roundtrip, but ist worth it! Make sure you take enough suncream, water and energy bars with you.